Photos & Video

Liturgical Ensemble performing “Breath of Heaven” at Legacy Bible Church. Noblesville, IN. Vocalist: Mindy Root. 12/9/18

Ballet Ensemble Performing the Blue Bird Pas de Deux. May 2018

Jazz Ensemble performing “Shake”. May 2018 – Choreography: Stephanie Lusch 

‚ÄčAdvanced Tap 2018 / Choreography: Mandy English

Contemporary Ensemble – May 2018.  Choreography: Melissa McInnis

Dance Creations Academy Apprentice Company May 2017 –  Choreography: Melissa McInnis

Ballet Ensemble 2017 – Choreography: Michel Folkine – Staged by: Lise Hearn & Mimi Priest

Contemporary Ensemble performing “Mary did you Know?” – Giest Community Church Nov. 2018