Fall/Spring Tuition
(August 2021 – May 2022)

Short Sessions (No Registration Fee)

6 week classes (Dancing Princesses) – $85
14 week classes (Pre-Ballet & Pre-Ballet/Tap) – $165
14 week classes (Adult Ballet & Adult Tap) – $195

10-Month Session (Aug-May) $40 registration fee
Tuition Debited 1st of each month from credit card or bank account

*Yearly tuition is divided into 10 equal installments. This is for your convenience
​so you always know the exact amount coming out of your account each month.

35 min – $52
40 min-1.25 hr – $69
1.5 hr-$75
Pre-Pointe – $40
Pointe -$50
Class Drop-in Rate – $25

Discounted & Free Classes

​​3 or more classes/family enrolled in the 10 month program – 5% discount
Register for two Ballet classes and get a third Ballet class free (Pointe class does not qualify)
Register for two Pointe classes and get a third Pointe class free (Ballet class does not qualify)

Costume Fee

The costume fee for our annual performance will be debited from your account on January 14th For performing classes only.
$60 Performing Princesses, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Pre-Ballet, All level 1 classes
$75 – All Others

Makeup Classes

Make up classes may be requested for any missed class by logging into your customer portal. Absences may be reported and make ups scheduled there. Your customer portal can be found here and on the footer of our website.

Repertory Company Only

​Apprentices – $55/month
Ballet Ensemble – $70/month
Contemporary Ensemble – $50/month
Jazz Ensemble – $50/month
2 Ensembles – $80/month
​3 Ensembles – $85/month